CISM Exam Prep Training Live, Online Training

“The instructor, Krag Brotby was very knowledgeable and the workshop was very interactive which prepared me well for the exam. I’d rate this training as excellent.”

“The training class flowed well.  Krag is an excellent instructor with real world experiences.  I passed!”

“Loved your course… you must have done something good as I passed!”

“I enjoyed. Krag’s style of teaching and presenting kept interest up in a largely dry subject. Thank You.”

“Very good presentation and very good presenter…”

“… I passed the exam much to my delight and surprise. I thought the exam was one of the most unclear and confusing I have ever sat due to the ambiguity and lack of clarity of the exam questions. However it was your teaching style, advice and explanations that I relied on to get me through. Of those I know who did not do your course but sat the exam after self study, most have told me they had to sit a 2nd time. I have recommended anyone wanting to do the exam to take your course.”

“Krag is without doubt one of the most experienced information security experts in the field. I can thoroughly recommend his services to any enterprise.”

“Krag is one of the finest information security professionals I know. His knowledge of the field is legendary and his ability to share and communicate that knowledge is second to none. I have no reservations in recommending Krag as an industry guru.”

“I passed the CISM exam!! Thanks for your guidance and tips! It was a really tough paper…”

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CRISC Prep Exam Training

“Big thanks to Krag Brotby and Deb for the support provided. I would highly recommend Megamind’s training for the CRISC, taught by Krag Brotby. I liked the content of the course. The material really helped me focus on what is important and there is no doubt that Krag is a subject matter expert. I was really getting too comfortable with the DB Q&A’s since I was doing over 90% on every test. On the first day of the training I realized that I still needed some more preparation. The two last weeks are crucial for a successful outcome, trust me.” Dennis L., President & CIO

“A HUGE thank you to Krag Brotby and Deb for their excellent training! The Megamind Prep Training for the CRISC was invaluable to my preparation. Krag is very knowledgeable and shares a wealth of information in this class. I would highly recommend Megamind for certification training. You can’t beat the value! Thanks again.” Chris M., Sr Security Analyst

“As the Chief Operating Officer for a small business, I struggled with balancing the time it took to pursue the latest and most relevant certifications in my field, while running company operations and supporting a family. Megamind proved more than a solution to my problems. The Program of Instruction and the patient step-by-step teaching allowed me to prep for and pass both the CISM and CRISC exam on my time and my pace. The Return on Investment, the quality of administrative support and the study guide material far exceeded other more expensive programs. Megamind is clearly the preferred choice for exam prep for anyone (regardless of their technical background) pursuing certification in the major Information Assurance domains: CISM, CRISC, CGET, etc. Megamind’s support continues to be the crown jewel in the Megamind outreach efforts. In short, Megamind can be summed up in six words: “take the prep – pass the exam” Darryl D., Chief Operating Officer

Learning Linux

“This is the course to take when the boss says ‘we need a Linux Server up and running and we need it now!”

“Excellent class.”

“I really valued running into problems & participating in solving them.”

“Really liked the hands-on, security, and insights to what goes on out there.”

“Thanks for the quality of information provided.”

“A lot of hands-on experience!”

Windows Security Workshop

“Terrific speaker and an immense value to the security community at large.”

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and has great presentation skills.”

“Lots of relevant, useable information presented.”

“Instructor was enthusiastic, and he had lots of other tidbits to throw in.”

“I liked everything in this workshop. Excellent!”

“Excellent presentation and content. I enjoyed the course. I feel that attending this course is a tremendous benefit in my ability to do my job.”

“Good adult learning teacher. Information with examples was great.”

“The flow of the materials in the class was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a class.”

“Information was valuable.”

“Class was very knowledgeable and the teacher was great and well experienced.”

“Finally, a windows security overview that includes the bad and the good.”

“The instructor was great and he knew the subject matter very well.”

“I can use the knowledge learned on my job immediately.”

“Dynamic speaker and he was able to keep my interest.”

“Instructor was very candid about the environment. He pointed out the strengths and weaknesses.”

“The instructor really knows his stuff.”

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Workshop

“Instructor was excellent. Materials covered many aspects of OO Design I was unaware of.”

“The entire presentation was excellent.”

“The information is practical and very relevant to the work we are doing.”

“Great use of C and C++ examples to illustrate points and ideas.”

“Excellent presentation of materials!”

“Examples of concepts in real world situations.”

Advanced CGI and Web Programming Workshop

“My compliments to the instructors. I do not consider myself a “programmer” but I was able to complete the exercises and understand the why and how.”

“Good opportunity for hands-on learning. Learned from trial and error. Presentation fit my level of experience.”

“The information was useful, the instructors were knowledgeable and personable.”

Perl Programming Workshop

“Very knowledgeable instructor!”

“Upbeat, knowledgeable instructor.”

“Instructor was fantastic!!”

“Having the instructor interested in the material makes it easy to pay attention and learn.”

“The instructor was fun.”

“The exercises were very good at illustrating the concepts.”

“I liked that the instructor was flexible enough to modify discussion topics to the class needs and wants.”

“Instructor’s enthusiasm, knowledge and communication skills were high.”

“Entertaining, enthusiastic, creative, great analogies, and an expert on Perl.”

“Excellent instructor. Great learning experience.”

Java Programming

“Instructor did an outstanding job of teaching Java. His style was very conducive to my overall learning experience. I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the seminar.”

“Excellent teaching style. Very patient, good at listening to questions. Good grasp of material and organization to course.”

“Excellent instructor.”

“Exercises were really helpful to understand as well as to implement some good examples.”

“Good balance….theory vs. examples. Hit the right level of detail.”

The Best of the Web: Successful Business Strategies on the Web

“As a marketing director in high tech I need to stay current on a broad array of things in a rapidly changing environment. This was the best and most efficient way I could think of to get up to speed on the Web!”

“Excellent instructor, not a sales pitch. Useful, valuable information.”

“Very useful seminar for measuring our existing site against the rest of the world.”

“On time, on track, on target, content & example-rich, humor used well, practical and down-to-earth, insightful. Instructor is an excellent presenter.”

“I learned more in this one-day workshop that directly relates to my company than I did at a 3-day Web conference I recently attended.”

“Very up-to-date information, informative, very timely, very knowledgeable instructor.”

“Opened us up to so much. Pointed out and formulated why we should be on the Web.”

“Really useful! Moves past the hype about “what’s cool” to how the Web can be used for achieving competitive advantage.”

“In a world where “net time” is faster than a “NY minute” this timely info from a marketing professional on the cusp of the Internet wave is essential to your business strategy today —- whoever you are!”

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended. Excellent marketing perspectives on using the Web.”