CISM Testimonials from Megamind Training Attendees

“I passed the CISM exam last December coming in within the top 10% globally. This wouldn’t have been possible without the expert guidance of Krag and all the help extended by Deb. My best wishes to Megamind as they continue this journey with helping others on this path to success!”
Navin A., Security Professional

“Excellent training. What I liked the most: The CISM Mock Exams Questions presented during the Megamind training: Understanding the fundamental concepts, and how to arrive at the best answer is exactly what you need to pass this difficult examination and Krag does it very well. I passed!”
Ignatius W.

“I passed the CISM exam in Dec and the CISA exam in Sept. I did much better on the CISM exam and can attribute that to the two courses I took with Megamind Training Institute; the CISM Boot Camp and the CISM Prep Exam Training classes. Thanks, Krag and Deb.”
Terry D., AVP Information Systems

“I passed the CISM exam. Thanks to Krag and Megamind for the training. It helped me a lot.”
Ajay G., Information Security Leader

“I passed my CISM and I need to admit the Megamind Boot Camp for the CISM was a significant factor. I will forever be grateful. Again thank you! It’s been a tremendous confidence building exercise passing the CISM and getting certified.” Charles S., IT Manager

“Megamind’s Prep Exam Training for the CISM and the official prep materials helped me to pass the CISM!”
Ahmed Z., Cyber Security Professional

“I would like to thank you and Krag for an  excellent class. I passed the test with a good score thanks to the CISM Prep class.”
Andrew K., IS Security Consultant

“First time pass on the CISM exam. I prepared on my own but did take the online Megamind Prep training which helped me to get in the right mindset for the exam.
Bart M. Security Ofcr

“Pleased, to inform you, I passed CISM exam and special thanks to Mr. Krag for providing valuable guidance and tips for CISM exam.” P.A. IT Manager

“This is the first time I’ve attended a live, online training. I really learned a lot, and it was a great experience. Mr. Krag is a renowned computer security expert. I highly recommend it. Thank you, Megamind Institute. It’s official…..I’m a CISM!”
Nitin G., Sr. Manager

“Krag’s involvement with the CISM exam is invaluable. Knowing he authors the CISM Review Manual and writes questions was key to knowing the CISM Prep Exam Training by Megamind was providing extremely useful and targeted information. On exam day I found myself reflecting on Krag’s tips and guidelines for selecting the correct answer on many questions. I made my pick based on something I learned in the workshop. I highly recommend Megamind’s Prep Exam Training for the CISM.”
Eileen B, Information Security Officer

“The CISM Prep Exam course by Megamind was of great value as an overall review before the exam, at times this is hard to do by yourself and this course was the answer. The number of sample questions for each particular domain was great. In addition the overall test taking strategy in the beginning of the class was of great value. The training recordings after the class were very helpful because I was able to go watch and review some of the areas of the exam before taking it. The support of the staff at Megamind made the course easy to take since all information pertaining to the course was received in plenty of time before the course started and all questions were answered quickly and accurately.”
Patricia F., Security and Privacy Consultant

“I just received notice that I PASSED the CISM exam in December! Krag’s lessons were extremely helpful!”
Steve M., President, CTO

“I passed the CISM exam on first attempt and many thanks for your assistance which was exemplary.
Paul M., Security Professional

“This class really helped me as it was focused upon passing the test, not just reviewing the material. I’ve spent months on the material, so it was great that it was pulled together in a way to help me understand the test taking process and logic.”
Matt S., Security Manager

“Krag drilled the principles into us during the live, online training, which is the most critical piece. Once I understood those, I could answer and successfully pass the CISM! Thanks so much for your help and positive support! Krag is an excellent instructor.”
Darryl D., Chief Operating Officer

“Passed the CISM Exam. Thanks for the great class….I found it more helpful than a separate week long class I took!”
Michael S., Systems Administrator

“As Krag highlighted, it is important to understand the concepts of the content of the exam, but it is also necessary to understand the philosophy and methodology of these exams. So, learning the philosophy of taking the cert exam was worth the class.”
Janet W., Cyber Security Analyst

“I must say this training is worth every penny. The Megamind class really helped me. Krag’s knowledge is absolutely tremendous. Thank you, Krag. Thank you too, Deb for being diligent before and following up after the class. Appreciate it. I passed the CISM!”
Vom R., Senior Security Engineer

“The Megamind exam preparation on-line training has helped me assess my knowledge with respect to the concepts covered in the CISM review manual. I found it extremely helpful and essential in selecting the best answer. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is preparing for the exam. What I liked the most from this on-line training was the sample questions, explanations and examples provided by Krag. He’s an excellent instructor.”
Anteneh B., Security

“I know I’ve said it before but I just want to stress what a crucial part I believe attending this course played in my result on my CISM exam in December 2013. For those who have yet to take their exam I highly recommend it. I found it invaluable in learning techniques to analyze the questions to arrive at the best answer. The emphasis on understanding core concepts also helped clarify a few things for me which previously I was struggling with. Krag also kindly provided support with queries for the exam in the week following the course which helped give me the confidence I knew my stuff.”
Michala L., Information Security Mgr and Data Protection Officer

“I totally agree with Michala, in addition to the CISM manual and the database, the weekend online training run by Megamind Training Institute is worth going for. Krag will provide you tips on how to pass the exam which you can’t find in books. In addition, Deb is super kind and will go extra mile to help out.”
Daniel L., IS Solutions Manager

“The training was extremely helpful in pointing out my weak areas and understanding the right concepts. I benefited from understanding the questions and short listing the answers for the correct one. No doubt Krag’s training helped me a lot in passing the June 14 CISM exam.”

“I would like to mention that although this training is online, and attendees from all around the world attend it simultaneously, you really feel like Krag is sitting right in front of you. The way Krag replies to the answers of all the queries, and he makes everyone participate in doing example questions, it’s really appreciated. Also, Ms. Deb remains in contact with the trainees from the registration till not only the test, but after the test as well. This attitude by Ms. Deb really shows how Megamind is committed and genuinely concerned about the success of their training participants.”

“I feel the money I spent for the training was really worth it.”

I highly recommend registering for the Megamind Prep Training w Krag and stamping your success in passing the CISM exam.”
Masood A., Sr. Network Engineer

“For anyone looking for ISACA certification specifically CISM certification I found Megamind’s Weekend Training to be the most valuable. Taught by Krag Brotby who is an expert in Information Security. It helped me study more effectively and have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the material. Highly recommended.”
Garo S., Software Development Mgr.

“Passed! Thanks to Krag & Deb’s excellent training and study tips!”
Tom M., Sr. Project Mgr.

“Excellent instructor and training! What I liked the most about the CISM Prep Live, Online Training was Krag’s tips on how to handle exam questions and also that the recordings of the trainings are available even after the training ends. Excellent after training support by Deb, too!”
Prashant M., Associate Manager

“Excellent advice regarding how to prepare for the exam, and what to expect at the exam. Good format (many sample exam questions preceded by a lesson and followed by logic of the answer). Well worth the money. I’d done the studying for the test and I was looking for a percent or two additional edge. I feel I got the percent or two and then some. I passed!”
Chuck R., IT Director

“The weekend class gives flexibility. The recorded training sessions were excellent and I could review them after the training. It helped me to review the material and instrumental in passing the exam. The sample test questions were very good to help understand the concepts and similar to the real exam. Krag was phenomenal in delivering the training and answering questions that we had in the training. Deb was excellent in providing notifications and sharing the training content on time to all the students.”
Milind K., Sr. Advisor – IS

“The two-day live online training imparted by Krag was very helpful in clarifying the concepts. The pace of the training was very good, and all the topics were covered. Reading the CISM Manual and the CISM Glossary provided by Deb prior to attending the training greatly helped in taking the maximum benefit from the training. Post training review material greatly helped. Thank you for an excellent CISM Prep Live Online Training!”
Seema B., Advisory Project Manager

“Without Krag’s help, I don’t feel confident that I would have passed.  His vast knowledge of the subject and analytical breakdown of the questions set me up for success.  Thanks, Krag. PS:  I PASSED!”
Natalie J., Sr. Systems Engineer

“I liked how the training was geared toward taking the exam and focusing on how key things (e.g. techniques) to look out for when taking the CISM exam. I found this workshop so much more beneficial than an actual CISM class that I took. I left the Megamind Training class feeling more accomplished, confident and ready to take the exam. It was a challenging class but so well worth it. I am so glad that I took this Exam Prep class.”
David S., Information Security Manager

“The CISM Prep Exam Training class was excellent, and Krag’s advice was 100% accurate regarding the CISM exam. I felt that Krag’s tips and advice were spot on. I passed the CISM Exam. Please thank Krag for the great advice he gave and for setting the right expectations for the exam.”
Jennifer W., Manager, IT Governance

“Very impressed with the way the training was conducted, and I would highly recommend to peers and colleagues in the industry. It’s a perfectly designed course, and I could’ve asked for more. Krag is an excellent instructor.”
Laks G., Manager

“Very informative class and was geared towards successfully passing the exam. Krag was very knowledgeable and the workshop was very interactive which prepared me well for the exam. The structure of the training was excellent.”
Vijay S, Sr. Management Consultant

“Flowed very well. Krag is an excellent instructor with many real world examples if required to drive a point home. Good support from Deb also, able to contact both during the training for additional clarity.”
Omar K., Technical Project Lead

“I liked that it was focused upon passing the test, not just reviewing the material. I’ve spent months on the material, so it was great that it was pulled together in a way to help me understand the test taking process and logic.”
Matt S., Manager

“The CISM Prep Exam Workshop was excellent. Krag has a way of making you think of things from a different perspective in addressing issues or people.”
Gerard D., Systems Security Architect

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