Expert IT Consulting

In addition to Information Technology (IT) training, the MEGAMIND ® Institute also offers Expert IT Consulting Services.

MEGAMIND Institute’s Expert IT Practitioners are available both in the classroom, as well as for consulting services. Known for their breadth and extensive industry experience, our expert IT Practitioners offer a wealth of information, knowledge and practical experience.

Each and every member of our panel of Expert IT Consultant Practitioners is recognized throughout his or her industry as an expert in their field. Together, they enable us to offer you individualized consulting services covering a broad range of information technology topics, including (but not limited to):

Megamind Consulting Services

* Cloud (all forms of cloud computing)
* Conference program development and management (IT education)
* Contact Center Management (CCM)
* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* Customized solution development
* Desktop applications development
* Disaster recovery and planning
* E-commerce development and deployment
* LINUX and Microsoft operating environments
* Process evaluation and development
* Ransomware: Preparation, Incident Response & Recovery
* Requirements development
* System integration and interoperability
* System management and administration
* Team building for IT professionals
* Web architecture design incorporating Java, Perl, and eXtensible Markup Language
* Web and database programming
* Web Portal Development and Deployment
* Wireless technology and…

* IT Security (specializing in all forms of IT Security, including, but not limited to: cloud, ransomware, forensics, network security, cyber security, operating system specific security, incidence response and reporting, intrusion prevention, security audits, computer crime investigation, security policy design and implementation, etc.)

Trusted Experts with Proven Experience

Expect more than just theory, because our Expert IT Consultant Practitioners are pragmatic. They have a deep understanding of strategy and implementation, as well as direct operational experience with a pool of resources that they can call on to deliver immediate, sustainable results.

Our prestigious clientele know they can trust MEGAMIND Institute’s Expert IT Consultant Practitioners in being able to offer the best quality of services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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