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Successfully Prepare for the CISM, CRISC, CISSP Exams. Plus, a very SPECIAL OFFER (valid until May 16, 2018).

MEGAMIND® Training Institute presents: April - December 2018 TRAINING SCHEDULE Premier Computer Security Training from Expert Security Practitioners Attend from anywhere in the world, LIVE ONLINE! ============================= * COMPUTER SECURITY CERTIFICATION * EXAM PREP TRAINING Register today! ============================= Registration is OPEN for all classes: CISM Prep, CRISC Prep, CISSP Prep, [...]

I made it! Just passed the CISM Exam today!

Megamind Training Institute congratulates....  Mary-Jen N, HISP, PMP, ITIL v3 Lead, Application Security for her success in earning the CISM certification in December 2017. Mary-Jen's study advice to others currently pursuing the CISM....... "It sure was not easy! But I was so glad that I had a great team to [...]

CISM Exam Success! Megamind’s Students Share their Study Recommendations

Congrats to the following CISM Candidates for Successfully Preparing and Passing the CISM Exam! Megamind's Students Share their Study Recommendations in Preparation for the CISM Exam in 2017: "I'd recommend a blended approach towards study which should be tailored to how you learn best. I initially undertook the standard approach [...]

MEGAMIND® Training Institute: 2019 TRAINING SCHEDULE

  Attend from anywhere in the world, LIVE ONLINE! IT SECURITY CERTIFICATION EXAMS * * PREP TRAINING * Register today! ============================= JOIN US: 7 days of CISM Training for $595! 42 hours of CISM PREP! Available until June 1, 2019 SUBSCRIBE to the 5-Day CISM COMBO Training Webinars (Pre-Recorded [...]

My Advice to Pass the CISM Exam

Megamind Training Institute congratulates....  Malinda B., Business Planning Manager for her success in earning the highly coveted CISM certification. Here's Malinda's advice to others currently pursuing the CISM....... "I passed the CISM Exam in December 2016!" "Below is what I did to pass the exam. I hope it helps you. *Read [...]

Ransomware will get worse!

In 2016,  cybercriminals have set their sights on healthcare. Ransomware is unfortunately the new normal. Healthcare has two major problems when it comes to digital security: a near-exclusive focus on defending patient records, and measures that target unsophisticated adversaries and blanket attacks. According to “Hacking Hospitals,” a two-year study by [...]

Ransomware and Cyber Risks for Healthcare Organizations

PROBLEM: For the past few weeks, multiple hospitals and health care organizations have been attacked by a newer form of malware: ransomware attacks. Simply put, a malicious software encrypts some organization's files [like pictures or patient files] then the software asks the victim for payment to release the files via an unlock key. Unfortunately, the [...]