CISM® Certification Exam Prep Training:
(Certified Information Security Manager)

Highly respected, the management-focused Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) was ranked Number 2 out of the 10 top-paying cybersecurity certifications for the 2022 IT Skills and Salary Report, with an average salary of $158,590 US. The ideal candidate for the CISM is a mid-advanced level career IT professional working to achieve senior management IT security positions. Currently, 48,000 IT professionals have earned the highly-coveted CISM worldwide.

Megamind’s comprehensive hands-on training for the official CISM® Exam by ISACA, is taught by Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT — renowned security expert practitioner and the author of the  CISM® Review Manual since its creation in 2005.  Considered the ‘go-to-expert’ for the CISM®, Mr. Brotby has successfully prepared thousands of CISM® candidates with an impressive 85-95% passing rate*. With his vast wealth of CISM® knowledge, Mr. Brotby edited the entire 1200-question CISM® sample questions database, creating approximately 800 questions for the CISM QAE Book.

* Passing rates vary depending upon the CISM Exam candidate’s professional security knowledge, experience, test-taking skills, and by adhering to K. Brotby’s study recommendations for the CISM Exam.
CISM® is a Registered Trademark and Certification of ISACA.



CISM Exam Prep, Group Tutoring Session * Live, Online *

CISM Examination candidates will gain an overview of the CISM Exam and the best approach to preparing and taking the official ISACA CISM Examination. As a special bonus, an in-classroom mock exam will be given - illustrating the best approach to answering CISM exam questions.


CISM Exam Prep LIVE ONLINE Training – 2 Days

If you're planning to take the CISM® Exam, then this training is for you! The 2-Day LIVE, Online CISM® PREP TRAINING specifically focuses on the critical exam skills necessary for mastering this very difficult exam. Taught by renowned security expert practitioner, author and instructor, Krag Brotby.


CISM Boot Camp Training Live Online – 5 Days

Whether preparing for the CISM exam, or providing training to ensure a comprehensive proficiency baseline for information security, this intensive five-day boot camp provides the skills and knowledge of the five core competencies required by the successful information security practitioner.


CISM Training COMBO CLASS – 5 Days

Beginning with the 3-day in-depth Intensive CISM Boot Camp, this accelerated pace (LIVE, ONLINE) INSTRUCTOR-LED WORKSHOP goes into much detail about each of the 4 CISM Domains. Then the 2-day CISM Prep Exam Training puts the knowledge you've gained during the 3-day CISM Intensive Boot Camp to the test by focusing on the CISM exam itself.


CISM Boot Camp Training LIVE ONLINE – 3 Days

This boot camp is taught by international security expert, Krag Brotby, author of the official ISACA CISM Review Manual. This training provides an intense environment in which participants can acquire the skills and knowledge required of a world-class information security manager. This training provides an outstanding preparation for the CISM exam.



CISM Training Webinars – Pre-recorded On Demand

Presented by: MEGAMIND® Training Institute Are you ready for the CISM® Exam? If you're planning to take the CISM® Exam, then these must-attend CISM Training Webinars are for you! Renowned international security expert practitioner: Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT Principal author & editor of the official ISACA CISM Review Manual [...]


Special Offer: 7 Days of CISM Prep Training = $595

Attend the pre-recorded CISM Webinars, and you'll learn important tips about the exam, and what to expect. Krag also shares specific areas you'll need to focus on, to be the best prepared for the official CISM exam. Plus, you'll have the ability to ask Krag any questions you may have after completing Megamind's pre-recorded CISM Training Webinars.