Congrats to the following CISM Candidates for Successfully Preparing and Passing the CISM Exam!

Megamind’s Students Share their Study Recommendations in Preparation for the CISM Exam in 2017:

“I’d recommend a blended approach towards study which should be tailored to how you learn best. I initially undertook the standard approach of review manual and exam test questions. Use the latter sparingly, and do not try to memorize them. It’s the underlying concepts that need to be learned —  which will enable you to identify the correct answer in the exam. To complement your self study I would strongly recommend you take a look at the Megamind Training Institute in the U.S. and talk with Deb ( about distance learning training options. I’ve used their material now for two ISACA exams (CISM & CRISC) which has prepared me well to get into the right mindset. In my opinion these are fantastic value for the money, and Krag Brotby is an excellent trainer in all areas of information security, risk, and governance etc.  I fully support the training offered by the Megamind Institute and passing my exams is already opening new doors for me. Hope this is useful for you.”
Tim L., IT Security Manager

“Krag took the time to explain concepts of each domain and not just talk about what to look out for when taking the exam.  After all, CISM is not just a test but the understanding of how to manage information systems security properly.  Krag was also able to make difficult subjects easier to understand so it helped me on preparing for the exam. It is good that Krag emphasized the importance of reviewing the CISM manual before taking the Megamind boot camp or the Megamind  exam prep training for the CISM.  CISM is not just a certification that is “good to have”, but is what an Information Security Manager should know to properly manage an organization’s information systems.  By providing the concepts of domains in addition to the helpful tip of how to spot the “style of the questions” makes CISM certification more meaningful. I passed!”
Judy J., Manager, Identity and Access Management

“I would love to share my experience w preparing for the CISM training taught by Megamind Training Institute and Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT. I must say that the training was so helpful that it cleared all the vague concepts that I created with self study, and corrected my way of developing an understanding with the questions, and approaching the right answers. I must mention here that the concepts I developed from the CISM training helped me a lot in passing my CISA exam too! Krag and Deb, you guys are doing a wonderful job by adding value to the information security society form the platform of Megamind.”
Muhammad M., Information Security Professional

“I took the test last week and I passed! I doubt if I would’ve passed without Megamind’s Training for the CISM, and Krag’s tips on how to answer the questions, and why some of the answers were wrong was hugely beneficial to me for taking and passing the CISM Exam.”
Michael H., CTO

“I recently passed the CISM exam on my first try thanks to the training provided by Megamind Institute and Krag Brotby. I soon realized that Krag is the author of the CISM Review Manual and it was evident that he is the go-to-guy for all things CISM. The question that kept popping into my head after learning this was: “Why would anyone take courses from others when they can learn directly from the source?” Anyways, I wanted to post this to express my gratitude and to say that I highly recommend Megamind/Krag’s 3-day in-depth CISM Boot Camp training which covered the core concepts in great detail. At the same time I highly recommend that you supplement the Megamind 3 day CISM Boot Camp with the Megamind 2 day CISM Exam Prep training. For me, it was during the Live, Online CISM Exam Prep training that Krag drove the CISM concepts home, but it was equally important to have that foundation in place first that the 3 day CISM Boot Camp provided. I found what was instrumental to passing the CISM exam was the methodology taught by Krag on how to tackle questions, how to break them down into the key words that really mattered, and how to assess possible answers. This technique, which I had not mastered until now, helped me apply the appropriate critical thinking skills that was needed. I also loved the way the training was structured making it truly feel that you were having that one-on-one personalized training. The Live Online CISM Exam Prep training was quite interactive with sample questions throughout that allowed you to submit your answer and get immediate feedback. I felt like I was in the same room with the instructor. Krag would explain why the correct answer was correct, how to apply that critical thinking skill to narrow the answer down to the correct one, and let you know why a wrong answer was wrong. I can’t recommend this approach highly enough. For those of you that have not chosen a training vendor for your CISM courses, I highly recommend the training from Krag and the Megamind Institute. I am certain you will find the value that I did.”

“I also wanted to express gratitude to Deb who arranged everything from scheduling, ensuring that I had all of the extra supplemental materials, and followed up both throughout and afterwards. Deb, you really made this experience so pleasant. Thank you both so much!”
Tom M., IT and Information Security Manager

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