Megamind Training Institute and CampusMate Announce Partnership to Benefit HEI Worldwide


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October 28, 2011 — Silicon Valley, CA and Phoenix, AZ —

Two key players in the education field today announced plans to join forces sharing the best practices of both organizations. This new partnership expands offerings to higher education institutions.

The combined efforts of Megamind and CampusMate will greatly benefit from both organization’s education clients worldwide. For the past 15 years, Megamind has been solely dedicated to providing innovative, leading edge IT training. Likewise, CampusMate is dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute mobile computing technology. Together, they are committed to delivering emerging solutions to meet our mutual clients’ future needs.

As a result of this partnership, current and future customers will benefit from a broader spectrum of solutions and services as well as collaboration and sharing of best practices across an expanded global community of education professionals.

“Partnering will enable us to better serve the global education community, especially as we begin to offer a wider range of services & products.” said CampusMate chief executive officer, Robert Ziglin.

MEGAMIND provides IT training worldwide. With clients in the public and private sector, Megamind’s main focus is customized onsite IT training. Clients have included: Verizon Wireless, University of Georgia, Art Institute of Chicago, Clorox Company, U.S. Department of Energy, Sony Corporation, Deere & Company, Danish Unix User Group, and many more.

CampusMate’s main focus is working with higher education institutions. Their key solution, MyCampusMate is an integration mobile computing tool that accesses sources of campus information. It becomes a detailed, reliable information center as it puts the most accurate and up-to-date campus information available at the finger tips of students, faculty and administrators…..24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Founded in 1997, MEGAMIND educates thousands of IT professionals worldwide about the advances of technology and its practical use, with special focus on computer security. For more information, visit

About CampusMate®

CampusMate is an international higher education institution (HEI) communication solution provider, serving educational institutions worldwide. CampusMate specializes in supplying up-to-the-minute curriculum, administration and campus services information through smart phones and tablet devices. Their product, MyCampusMate, saves time and money for administrators, and provides a fast and effective method for communicating to students and faculty members. CampusMate has offices in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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