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*FEBRUARY 5, 2024 to APRIL 3, 2024*

Twice weekly:
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Interactive Sessions include:
Lectures, quizzes, and group discussions

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Based on the most current exam per the (ISC)² organization, this INTENSIVE TRAINING prepares you for the official CISSP Exam by exclusively focusing on developing the critical exam skills required for your success on the CISSP exam.   

  • You’ll be provided with a set of invaluable tools and approaches that maximize your chance of mastering this very difficult exam.
  • You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes so many make that often result in failure.
  • You’ll feel more confident in knowing you are well prepared to take the CISSP exam.

Pre-recorded CISSP Prep Training Webinar

Can’t make it to one of our LIVE, ONLINE CISSP Prep Exam Training classes?

We’ve got you covered!

Subscribe to attend our pre-recorded CISSP Prep Exam Training On Demand Webinar.
Megamind’s pre-recorded CISSP Webinar is a recording of one of Megamind’s LIVE, ONLINE CISSP Training classes with security expert practitioner and instructor, Mark Williamson, CISSP.

You’ll receive the same benefits of attending our Live, Online training classes. Plus, you’ll be able to attend whenever you like for the term of your subscription (3, 6 or 12 months).

Attend Megamind’s pre-recorded CISSP Webinar, and you’ll participate in mock CISSP Exam Questions, while learning important tips about the exam.

Mr. Williamson shares specific areas you’ll need to focus on to be the best prepared for the official CISSP exam.

Plus, you’ll have the ability to ask him any questions you may have after completing Megamind’s pre-recorded CISSP Training Webinar.

With On Demand you can attend as often as you like, whenever you like:
(within the 3, 6 or 12 month term of your subscription service).


2-day CISSP PREP EXAM TRAINING (pre-recorded)

This training has been recorded from an actual LIVE, ONLINE intensive 2-day training that specifically focuses on developing the critical exam skills you’ll need to master this very difficult exam, including: review of concepts, definitions, and exam question analysis. It provides an intense, boot camp style learning environment where you’ll be immersed in exam prep. Hands-on, you’ll participate in mock exam questions over the course of nearly 12 hours of training. Mr. Williamson explains why the correct answer is correct, and why the incorrect answer is not correct (which helps to better understand). You’ll be provided with a set of invaluable tools and approaches for the CISSP exam.


Mark Williamson is an expert security practitioner, consultant and trainer. He is the founder of Conquest Security, an information security consulting firm serving the government, nonprofits, and commercial organizations.

With more than twenty-five years of experience working for the federal government and leading information security solution providers, Mr. Williamson applies a wealth of both business and technical expertise to provide services and solutions that address the challenges facing information security professionals.

Prior to joining Conquest Security, Mr. Williamson held a wide range of senior management, sales, and technical positions at leading information security companies, including: Tripwire, nCipher, and ISS.  He graduated cum laude from The State University of New York and then worked in the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for nine years.

Mr. Williamson’s areas of expertise include:

– Cyber, Physical, and Personnel Security Assessments

– Security Governance Program Implementation and Management

– Social Media Risk Management and Investigation

– NIST Cyber Security Framework and Security Controls

– Cyber Security Training Development and Delivery

– CISSP Prep Exam Training Development and Delivery

– CISSP Mentoring and Tutoring Services

He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) and a Certified Governance, Risk, and Compliance (CGRC®).


CISSP Prep Outline (approx. 6 hours per day):
Based on the most current exam per the (ISC)² organization. To learn more, visit (ISC)² directly (


Module 1: Security and Risk Management
Module 2: Asset Security
Module 3: Security Engineering
Module 4: Communication and Network Security


Module 5: Identity and Access Management
Module 6: Security Assessment and Testing
Module 7: Security Operations
Module 8: Software Development Security


For maximum benefit, Megamind strongly recommends each student purchase and review study material prior to attending the workshop:

  • The Official (ISC)²® Guide to the CISSP® CBK®, Fourth Edition.
    This guide is available via Amazon or (ISC)²®.
  • CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 7th Edition
    James Michael Stewart, Mike Chapple, Darril Gibson
    ISBN: 978-1-119-04271-6 * September 2015
  • Mr. Williamson’s CISSP Glossary document (provided by Megamind)
    Request your free copy of the CISSP Glossary document (

This accelerated 2-day class assumes that you have studied the CISSP Exam Guide prior to attending, and are completing your final preparation to sit for the CISSP Exam. It is the final prep step prior to the CISSP exam. While the concepts are explored during the workshop, the focus is on developing examination skills.
There is insufficient time to study the CISSP Exam Guide during the 2-day class.

For a more comprehensive review of the topics,
Megamind’s 5-day CISSP Boot Camp Training course should be considered.


  • Mr. Williamson’s CISSP Glossary document.
  • Actual classroom slides for the 2-day CISSP Prep Exam Training.
  • Answer Sheet for the In-Classroom CISSP Mock Exam (200 questions).
  • The ability to ask the instructor questions after attending the CISSP Webinar (recording).
  • Guidance on Your Final Prep Steps for the CISSP exam.
  • Megamind Institute Certificate of Completion:
    CISSP Prep Exam Training (12 hours).


The CISSP® Training is for IS Security professionals who have 5 years full time professional work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains of the CISSP CBK.

Titles include, but are not limited to: security manager, IT director/manager, security auditor/architect/analyst, security consultant, security systems engineer, CISO, director of security, vp of security, network architect, IS director/manager.

For a more detailed description regarding CISSP® qualifications and the CISSP® exam,
visit the ISC² .org website.




You may not share (including passwords for the training recordings), copy, reproduce, distribute, display, modify or create derivative works based upon all or any portion of M.Williamson’s/Megamind’s course ware, or any of Megamind’s related documents (including:
Megamind’s 2-day for the CISSP Exam Recordings, M. Williamson’s CISSP Glossary, Courseware Answer Sheet, or any additional material related to these trainings) cannot be used elsewhere in any medium whether printed, electronic or otherwise, without the express written consent of the Megamind Training Institute. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not reproduce, distribute, re-publish, display, modify, or create derivative works based upon all or any portion of the course ware or related documents for purposes of sharing or teaching any computer or electronic security courses to any third party without the express written consent of the Megamind Training Institute. Any person or entity found to ha
ve violated this policy will be subjected to legal action. If legal action is taken, any such violator will be responsible for any legal fees, court fees, attorney fees and financial liabilities from loss of revenue to the Megamind Training Institute.

CISSP® is a federally licensed certification mark of ISC².
CISSP® is an ISC² certification.





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